August 21, 1997

From: jpc@Cyberie.Qc.Ca (Jean-Pierre Cloutier)
Re: Netsurfer Digest, Volume 03, Issue 26

To whom this may concern,

I have enjoyed reading Netsurfer Digest for a long time, have recommended it in my columns, have a link to it on my personal Web page.   In the latest edition of NSD, however, I was really disappointed to see an item titled "The Wacky Quebecois Government", even more disappointed after reading it.

Equating business regulations and censorship, you are threading a very fine line.   The surest assertion is that as average Americans, which I no doubt you are yourselves, you "have but dim knowledge of the language debate in Canada's province of Quebec".

Your comments, rather the tone in which they are formulated, reflect a miscomprehension of the situation and a total lack of information on the context.

Last May, there was also a barrage of half truths about Quebec in the American press which prompted me to write to our "American Friends".


I don't make a habit of engaging into polemics like the ones some so-called newspersons are trying to foster, I have much better use for my precious time.   But I felt then the situation had gone far enough.

Lately, a new barrage of anti-Quebec rhetoric is fuelling the press by way of commenting on a private Web site (Ministry of Truth) associating Quebec leaders with prominent Nazi figures.


You contend that "May the Net recognize all censorship as damage and route around it". Since I started publishing my E-zine in 1994, I have always championed freedom of speech on the Internet (and elsewhere).   I do, however, have a big problem with inaccurate and biased coverage of events.

I believe that the "Wacky Quebecois Government" title in Netsurfer Digest casts a serious doubt on the reliability of information one can read elsewhere in your publication and discredits your "More Signal, Less Noise" motto.


Jean-Pierre Cloutier

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