Jean-Pierre Cloutier

Note : Initially published on February 20, 1986, in the Haiti Times. The confidential source could not at the time give an accurate identity of Capucine (no. 13). I later learned that Capucine was a young Haitian homeless girl that had been taken into the Duvalier household by Michèlle Bennet.

When former President Jean-Claude Duvalier flew away on the United States Air Force C-141 jet in the night of February 7, he was accompanied by 20 other persons. We have been able to obtain the list of passengers on the night flight.

1. Jean-Claude Duvalier
2. Michèle Bennett Duvalier
3. Alix Pasquet Jr.
4. Sacha Pasquet
5. Nicolas Duvalier
6. Anya Duvalier
7. Simone Ovide Duvalier
8. Marie-Denise Duvalier Théard
9. Mario Théard
10. Mirca Théard
11. Aurore Bennett
12. Pierre-Marie Ligondé
13. Capucine (?)
14. Woody Bennett
15. Hans Thiesfield
16. Joanne Thisfield
17. Stanislas Thisfield
18. Kosta Thisfield
19. Philippe Biambi
20. Lt. Jean-Thomas Cyprien
21. Sgt. Lt. Raymond Ravilus

It is worth noting that the last three individuals on the list were delegated by the Conseil National de Gouvernement as a courtesy escort.


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